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    Parameter will not update on tableau server after publish

    Andrew Fisher

      Hi all,


      I have this really odd behaviour on tableau server.


      I've got a workbook and one of the worksheets in has a stack of parameter controls on it. The values for these controls come from a field in the data source related to that particular worksheet. The parameters are all pick lists from a series of values.


      When I work on the workbook locally and update the parameters everything works fine. However once I publish to the work book, the values I've selected for the parameters default back to the selections I had when I first made the workbook. The second implication of this is that the new parameter allowed values are not updated with the publication of the workbook to the server. So not only is it forgetting my selection, it's not updating the range of allowable values either.


      Has anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?