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    Single Sign On

    Suyog tated

      HI All,


      We are trying to implement single sign on capability , We need some help if someone can help me with....


      we have the post file ready in php. but we don know as how do we post it on the Tableau server??


      do we upload it on server or do we open this file from remote machine who's ip address has been added as a trusted??



      Thanks in Advance!!!!

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          Robin Kennedy

          The POST should come from the remote machine - i.e. your webserver or app server which has had it's IP address added to the trusted_hosts. Tableau Server then returns a ticket which is used in the URL for the client (user) to access the content.

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            Suyog tated

            Thanks for the reply!!!


            Actually we have a server machine & we made a trusted connection of a different machine so should I make my server machine as trusted or post it from the machine whos IP is made trusted?

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              Robin Kennedy

              Lets say your Tableau Server machine is at and your webserver is at


              You need to make your Tableau Server 'trust' your webserver by running the command


              tabadmin set wgserver.trusted_hosts ""


              in a dos prompt whilst logged on to your Tableau Server machine (it seems you have already done this)


              Your webserver then executes the POST script to talk to your Tableau server to get a ticket, and the ticket number should be used in the URL. The client/user redeems this ticket when they access Tableau server content.

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                Suyog tated

                Thanks for the response. ..


                So once you have obtained a ticket from the Tableau server, this will be used in the URL path from client/user machines to mimic Single Sign On functionality? In other words, if a user enters the full path http://servername/trusted/<ticketnumber>/views/requestedviewname then they will not be prompted to enter their credentials (username/password) in order to view a report (if they are already added as an authorized user on the Tableau server), is this correct?


                If this is the case, how can the ticket number be hardcoded in the URL path from specific client machines to the user’s won’t have to manually enter the trusted URL path every time they want to view a report using SSO?

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                  Dustin Smith

                  Looks everyone here has probably already seen this documentation, but including it in the post for folks who will read this later on and may want context:  Setting up Trusted Authentication with Tableau Server