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    Specify bin size for histogram that remain static

    Tom Smith

      Hi all -

      It feels like I'm trying to do something pretty simple, but it seems to be very complex in Tableau.


      I have a data set with products sold during a time period. I want to create a histogram of the individual prices of those items and look at it via a histogram, and then eventually go through with a quick filter and look at differences months, without changing the bin size.


      The first problem is null values and how tableau handles bins as discrete vs continuous, which I know there are multiple discussions on. The solution in http://community.tableau.com/message/160679 , hasn't worked however, especially when applying filters and looking through different months, because the calculated bin size would then change.


      Essentially I want to specify the following bins, 0-50, 51-100, 101 - 150 , 151 - 200, .... , 551 - 600, ... ,  and I don't want these to change when filters are applied.


      Is this possible in Tableau. If so, how can this be accomplished?


      If people are familiar with R, I'm really looking for this -> breaks=seq(0,1000,by=50) . Can this be replicated in a calculated field?