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    slow moving inventory

    Neal Smoller



      I own some pharmacies and we want to use tableau to give us a better visual on our inventory movement.


      I'd like a visualization that breaks inventory into 3 or 4 broad categories of inventory movement:

      1.  Fast Moving.  Usage is anywhere from daily to weekly

      2.  Slow Moving.  Usage is weekly to every 80 days

      3.  Trending to Non-Moving.  No usage in the last 80 to 95 days

      4.  Non Moving.  No usage in longer than 95 days.


      What i see here is that the first two groups are based on a frequency, where the last two are grouped by a "last sale date" field.


      Is it possible to do this?


      Our inventory table is setup up pretty traditionally:

      item number, item description, last sale date


      Our dispensing log is setup like this:

      rx number, date filled, item number


      Any thoughts?


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Neal, the only ambiguity in your description is that Fast Moving and Slow Moving both include 'weekly'. What's the differentiation? But the basic answer to your question is yes this can be done using a calculated field to bin the inventory movement. If you can post a packaged workbook or Excel file with some sample data (20-30 rows) I'll be happy to show you how to set up the binning.


          By the way the last two groups also could be considered a 'frequency', just a frequency of zero.



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