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    Need work around for an Essbase version issue

    Matthew Davis

      Here is the situation.  The version of Essbase that I am connecting to is not currently supported by Tableau and tableau is generating an MDX query error on something I have used many times in the past and I am hoping somebody can help me come up with an alternative method.


      On the dashboard I am using a Parameter and a Calculated Field to create a Visual Filter.  Then using the Layout containers to hide the views that are not currently selected by the parameter.


      Layout Container Method



      The parameter is simple.                                                 


      The Calculated Field is an IF statement that allows the worksheets to hide and appear based on the parameter value.  I also wrote the calculation as a Case statement and ran into the same issue.  This calculation is then added to the filter shelf on each of the 5 worksheets and the corresponding value is selected.  This will allow the worksheets to show and hide based on the parameter selection



      Here is a view of what it should look like when functioning correctly. (this is an older data source)

      The dashboard loads in this view and the Select View Parameter is in the top right corner.  When this is changed the initial worksheet goes to blank and the area is filled by whichever worksheet is selected.

      view 1.PNG


      View Changed.   The initial worksheet is blank and reduces in size to allow the new worksheet to fill the area.

      view 2.PNG


      I have an open ticket with support but they have not been able to reproduce the issue or provide a work around for the time being.  I am hoping somebody has another method to toggle between worksheets in a single dashboard.  I am open to any and all suggestions.  Due to company policy and the fact that its a cube I am unable to provide a backup of the data source or a packaged file.  If there is a viable solution I can host a meeting and allow you to see the data source.


      Thank you for any help.