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    Tableau Desktop will not save my new password when I edit Data connections

    Terrie Beloin

      Recently I changed my password to the database.  When I open an existing Tableau workbook, I get an error when it attempts to login with the saved old password and asks if I want to edit the data connection. I say yes, change the password to new one, click ok, it connects to database, all is fine.  I save the workbook.  Next time I open the workbook, same thing happens...it is not saving my changed password.  This is causing me lots of problems because some workbooks have numerous data connections, and the number of failed login attempts caused by Tableau attempting to login with old pw is locking my account.  Does anyone know what causes this?  I have a permanent product license, but my maintenance expired end of December, I was never quite sure what that was, so don't know if it could be related.