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    What is the best work around for filtering across multiple tables?


      Hello and happy new year everyone!


      In short: I had a question regarding filtering across multiple data sources. I had a visualization i created where I used a paramater to filter on two separate data sources. However, the end user wanted to be able to select multiple values to filter, which is easy to do if it was an actual filter, but I haven't come across anything showing how to use multiple values for the parameter. What is the best work around for this?


      Long Version: I have created an inventory turns visualization (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inventory_turnover), which wasn't possible at my company because excel can't create dynamic visualizations and even creating and using macros, the processing time for a change takes too long. especially since the data set is so large.

      However, with tableau i managed to sum the years worth of sales data using windows sum and used that with a inventory snapshot to create a turn visualization.


      The visualization uses 2 data tables from the SQL server (inventory and a sales_history table). The inventory table uses AsOfDate, which shows the inventory snapshot at the time, and the sales_history uses Order_Date. However, i had to link the tables to an excel sheet containing neutral dates because when i data blend, the aggregation goes awry.


      Created a Days calculation for all 3 data sources and had them linked. To filter on category for the inventory table and sales_history table, I used a parameter and a T/F filter:

           // if [Parameter] = "All" then Qty elseif Category = Parameter then Qty ...etc


      A user would like being able to choose multiple values for the category, but since its a parameter, i cant use the multiple values selection for a filter.


      I would just like to know if there is an easier solution than creating a parameter with 120 possible selections ( 5 choices for the parameter, its been a while but i think combinations are n! )


      I've attached a sample work book but its pretty much a skeleton example..


      Hope everyone is having a good year.