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    Using Filters to Calculate Totals

    Pasquale Festa

      I have data that is in the attached format - it is a series of zip codes with their associated zone id's and the individual zip code quantities [print media thing]. I am trying to figure out how to do the following:


      When I am looking to use a zip code, I have to use the entire zone that zip code is assigned to. Example: If I want Zip Code 12345, I need all of Zone 1, which includes zip code 12346 as well. The total for Zone 1 [Sum of 12345 & 12346] is 200. Now, I have set up a worksheet that will calculate the zone totals for me, but this only works correctly if I select all zip codes in a zone. I am looking for a way to select a zip code [or set of zip codes] and have the zone total provided for me. Essentially, I would like the total shown to me for the zone no matter how many zip codes in that zone I choose [i.e. I will always see 200 for Zone 1 whether I choose 12345, 12346, or both]. I'm thinking we could do something on the SQL side to add the zone quantity in as a column, but would rather do it via Tableau if at all possible. Is there any way to do this or is it just wishful thinking?