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    Parameters display different than URL values in Server

    Chris Moseley

      I've been using Desktop for a while but  just recently started using Server to present Tabelau dashboards to clients.  I've been utilizing URL parameters to populate worksheet parameter values based on user pre-defined user preferences.  I've done this using URLs ending with something like ".....?Parameter1=Value1".  


      This works in so far as the dashboard calculations all reflect the world with Parameter1=Value1 (and Value2, if I use the URL "....?Parameter1=Value2", etc.). 


      HOWEVER, the actual parameter drop down menus on the dashboard continue to display the default starting value rather than the imported value in the URL.


      It's confusing and makes it impossible for users to see what current parameter values are and thus difficult to adjust the parameters for sensitivity analysis, unless you closely examine the actual URL.


      I'm hoping I'm just overlooking something obvious as I really need the displayed parameter and quick filter values to reflect what is actually being used to drive the analysis. 


      Any thoughts? 


      Separately - but related - any suggestions on where I can find a good overview of URL parameters, their syntax and what can and can not be done with them?  I had a hard time finding a clear description of this process for beginner-/intermediate-level.




      - Chris

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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Chris,


          Do you have a dimension that shares the same name as the parameter? I've found that when that is the case, the URL parameter only updates the dimension field.  (e.g., I have dimension ClientID, and for whatever reason, I make a parameter field also called ClientID.  If i pass ClientID=123 in a url, Tableau recognizes it as the dimension and filters by that value.)


          As for help in using URL parameters, I've found this to be a useful cheat sheet: http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/v7.0/server/en-us/embed_list.htm

          I will caution you that as of Tableau 7.0, the :revert= parameter has known issues--it does not behave as it should. I am not sure if they are being addressed in 8.0...

          There is also this thread: http://community.tableau.com/thread/104580 which contains a powerpoint slideshow detailing basics of how to use url parameters with Tableau Server workbooks.

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            Chris Moseley

            Thanks Mark,

            This is very helpful.  I ran into the dimension title same as parameter issue earlier so, your advice is timely.  However, that did not seem to be the cause of the larger problem I described in this post (Parameters at the destination page not displaying values, even though clearly values were being used in the page calculations)


            The good news is that I was able to resolve this issue just yesterday.  I'm still not 100% sure how I did it, though.  It appears to have resolved itself after I switched all the Parameters to Strings. Previously, some parameters were Integer values with text "display as" names.  I'm not quite sure why that would make a difference but now the parameters on the target page are displaying the correct values and the (revised) calculations are still working correctly. 


            The threads you sent is very helpful as well.  It's just the kind of exchange/instruction I was looking for. Some of this I've picked-up already myself, but there is a lot more to learn here as I start using Server and the URL functionality more.


            Thanks again for your thoughts.  Have a great weekend. 

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              Kirstin Lyon

              Hi Chris,


              I'd been struggling getting the links to work with parameters until I saw your comment here about changing the parameters to strings.  That fixed it for me!


              Many thanks