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    Creating extracts with Talend ETL / How to extract from non-supported databases

    Tamas Foldi

      The year ending is near, so I have some time to play with my favorite applications like Tableau. Last week one of my (hopefully to be) client asked me how to report SAP R3/ECC6 tables with tableau - which is unfortunately not supported yet. I had an idea: why not integrate the tableau extract engine with an ETL tool, which has connectors for hundreds of source system including SAP ERP. I picked Talend ETL because it is free (at least it has a free version without limitation of source systems) and I added a new TableauExtractOutput component. With this, you can extract data from any kind of databases including mainframes, custom web services and so on without coding - just with a few clicks. You can find my component on talendforge and github.


      I also tried it out with a demo scenario. I connected to my SAP sandbox system and extracted all the customers from the famous KNA1 (customer) table:




      Then open the generated file in Tableau:

      kna1 extract open.png

      And click some lame report just to showcase its data:




      Pretty easy, isn't it? Of course with Talend you can schedule/upload your extracts to your server thus the operation/data management/governance can be covered as well.


      So it is a different way to feed Tableau with data

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