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    Using control worksheets to affect a global filter

    Ian Pytlarz



      I have a single data source and am trying to do something which seems like it should be fairly simple. I've created three global filters that I plan on applying to all of my dashboards (College, Department, Major). I've created a control sheet for each of these three and set up a control dashboard with all three. They are all set to be used as filters, and when you click in them they filter themselves as expected (clicking a college filters down the department/major list to only ones available in that college, for instance).


      The problem is, they don't actually impact the global filters so this dashboard doesn't actually control anything. I would much prefer to use this method over using quick filters, as I can play with the look of these to a greater extent.


      Here is another problem, separate from the first. If I make a table of null values that filters on the global filters and use it as a title (seen in the middle below) with the names of the filters in the title the values are always All, Null, or None even when using the quick filters. It never actually displays the selected value properly.


      12-27-2012 10-12-39 AM.png


      Please let me know if either of those problems don't make sense, I'm happy to clarify further. Thanks!