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    How to merge two sheets together via common field

    Frank Galeana

      My question is regarding how to join/merge two sheets via a common denominator.  For example, if you have a table named CUSTOMER which is a list of customers where CUST_ID is unique containing the following fields: CUS_ID, CUST_STATE and CUST_NON_PROFIT (this is either "Y" or "N").  I created sheet 1 containing the CUST_STATE and COUNTS (counts of how many customer in each state).  On sheet 2, I created CUST_STATE and PERCENT_NON_PROFIT (the percentage of how many are non profit  (CUST_NON_PROFIT=Y) and the percentage of how many are not non profit (CUST_NON_PROFIT =N).  My question is how, do I join/merge these two sheets via CUST_STATE so that my new sheet will show CUST_STATE (from sheet 1), COUNTS (from sheet 1) and PERCENT_NON_PROFIT (from sheet 2).  The link between sheet 1 and sheet 2 should be CUST_STATE.  I’m not sure how this could be done whether it will through a dashboard or through another sheet…customer.JPG