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    Trying to cook up a heat map

    Nathan Brown

      I"ve done heat maps before, but for some reason I can't cook one up this time. The attached .twbx has a worksheet called Outcomes that contains the fields I'd like to use: 8 diversity group by 5 separate outcome measures, so my ideal heat map would contain 5 columns, with each column's heat independently defined (Separate worksheets are ok too).. The outcomes are mostly on 5-point scales (Meet Demands and SpouseSupport are 6-points), and although I have defined them as "average" measures, they don't seem to display as such.


      Any thoughts on what I'm missing are most appreciated!



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          Jonathan Drummey

          You have Analysis->Aggregate Measures turned off and the outcome measures defined as a dimension, so Tableau is drawing a section of a bar for each value of your outcome measures, with the height of the bar being the value of the diversity group measure, you can see this in the 42760 marks that Tableau is drawing.


          Because you're working with measures on both columns and rows, I'm not clear on what you want your heat map to be based on. From your description, it seems like you want 40 different values (one for each combination of 5 outcome measures * diversity group measures), however just aggregating the outcome measures would reduce the results to 8 values unless you somehow increase the level of detail. If Tableau let us have two separate instances of Measure Names/Values in the view, we might be able to do this, but it doesn't. It really seems to me like the outcome measures need to be treated as a dimension, which might involve some reshaping of your data. However, I'd need to know more.


          So, here are my questions:


          - What do you want the colors of the cells in your heat map to be based on? (a mock-up would be really helpful)

          - How do you want to aggregate the outcome measures?

          - Do you want to display the values of the outcome measures in addition to the values of the diversity group measures? If so, how?