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    LDAP Apple Open Directory

    Stephan van Heest



      I'm investigating if Tableau is compatible with Apple Open Directory LDAP.

      On the support site I saw some articles describing Tableau's support for MS Active Director.


      I could not find anything about Open Directory, so my question: Is Tableau compatible with Open Directory?



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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Stephan -


          Tableau is compatible with Open Directory via Tableau's "Trusted Authentication" mechanism. Microsoft's Active Directory is the only LDAP-based service which "just works out of the box".


          In essence, Tableau's Trusted Authentication acts as a "bridge" between any arbitrary authentication store and Tableau Server. You'll need to write a few lines of code which essentially:


          • Returns the Open Directory user who you want to authenticate against Tableau
          • Passes that user name to Tableau
          • Works with a "ticket" that Tableau returns to your code. This ticket acts as an authentication token.


          Please search our knowledge base for the phrases "Trusted Tickets" or "Trusted Authentication" if you'd like a deeper dive into this functionality.