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    summing data from a different datasource


      Hello everyone,


      First off, would like to say happy holidays to all the tableau users out there.


      That being said, i have a question regarding data blending. I seem to repeatedly get stuck on data blending issues, specifically with workarounds for aggregations



      A part number is an assembly of tubes that are packaged in a unit. The calculations are based on the following: finding the amount of component in the tube * the amount of tubes in the unit * the amount of units in inventory = total amount of componenet used.


      I have two data sources:

      Data source A:

      Part Number


      Per Assembly

      Per Unit


      Data source B:

      Part Number

      Qty (in inventory)


      The component in data source A is basically a part used to produce the part number. multiple part numbers use the same componenet. I am trying to make a visualization that shows the amount of component used overall.


      Im okay with the data blends when i have the link


      but when i try to show the total based on component, the qtys that were specific to the part number is lost, and the amount of componenet in a unit assembly is multiplied by the QTy in inventory overall.


      i understand the concept of aggregations and why i get a * but i can't find a work around.


      Any advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you and happy holidays!