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    Tableau Forums Digest #6

    Shawn Wallwork

      Tableau Forums Digest #6 has been posted. Since this is now off-site (for the time being) I've change the name so it's clearer to the outside world, but it's the same sort of content. Here's a list of forum folks mentioned in this week's Digest:


      Allan Walker

      Alex Kerin

      P. Haezel

      Ayush Baheti

      Derek Winter

      Cameron Matthews

      Brian Comeau

      Alan Eldridge

      Donna Trinh

      Joshua Milligan

      Archana Amarnath

      Siddhartha Siddhartha

      Karan Sehgal

      Richard Leeke

      Jason Borucki

      Jonathan Drummey

      Suzie L.

      Joe Mako

      Michael Nealey

      Andy Cotgreave

      Russell Christopher


      If I missed someone sorry, just let me know.


      Hope you enjoy it, and have a happy holiday season.