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    Overriding column heading Table Calculation display names

    Dan Trahan

      I'm using a number of Table Calculations in a text grid and I'm having issues with overriding the default naming that Tableau assigns.  For example, Tableau's default naming convention will set the column heading such as "Running Sum of [Measure Name] along Table (Down)".  I set an alias for the column heading to a much more succinct readable name and all looks great, however, as I've learned alias names are stored at the data source which in my case is stored on Tableau Server.  Refreshing the data source to get the latest data, resets all the column headings back to their default naming.


      I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to be able to change the display name of a column heading to override the long default Table Calculation description and store it in the workbook/dashboard rather than getting it from a server, as in the case of an alias.


      Note: I'm not interested in creating a copy of the data source to use just for this workbook.  This would defeat the purpose of using a centralized data source in Tableau Server.