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    Parameter collisions between published & local data sources

    Paul Murray

      I haven't seen anything specifically about parameters and published data sources, so here goes:


      After publishing a data source that serves as a 'denominator' to multiple, packaged workbooks, I got a nasty surprise:


        somehow, when bringing the publised data source back in as a connection, the parameters got all confused

        and, essentially tanked a zillion calculated fields.  Parameters got lost, re-named - and, even named identically.

      (I.e. I had 2 parameters identically named)


        And, the nastiest surprise of all:

           these collisions didn't show up until I closed and then re-opened the workbook.


        Given that it's taking me days to recover*, I thought I'd post this & see if  anybody has some

        advice on what I might have done wrong


        *I'm not sure I'm actually fully recovered yet - until I close / re-open / update a bunch of workbooks a bunch of times)