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    if (or when) ___ then _____ (and display as _____)

    Michael Lance



      I am attempting to label a parameter dynamically.


      I have a parameter called "Domain #," which simply lists the parameters such as "Math 1, Math 2," etc...


      Using it, I created the following calculated field:

      CASE [Domain #]

      WHEN "Math 1" THEN [MathFocalPt1PctCorrect]

      WHEN "Math 2" THEN [MathFocalPt2PctCorrect]

      WHEN "Math 3" THEN [MathFocalPt3PctCorrect]

      WHEN "Math 4" THEN [MathFocalPt4PctCorrect]

      WHEN "Math 5" THEN [MathFocalPt5PctCorrect]

      WHEN "Math 6" THEN [MathFocalPt6PctCorrect]



      Easy, right?

      Here's the hard part:

      I want it to do this:

      WHEN "Math 1" THEN [MathFocalPt1PctCorrect]

      and if Grade = 3, label the field as "Numbers and Fractions", if grade = 4, label the field as....


      Is this possible? I can create another domain or calculated field with all possible field labels per grade level and domain # but I'm not sure what to do after that.