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    How to display average of averages?

    Dan Stone

      This is a super basic feature that I have been unable to figure out how to replicate in tableau (despite searching the forums and knowledge base).  Hopefully there is an obvious answer that I have overlooked that someone on here can point out.


      The problem is, given a list of account IDs, dates, and a stat (in the example, 2-0 is the name of a stat we're tracking), I'd like to calculate the average account average of 2-0 by month (in actuality, median, but for the purposes of this example, let's go with average).


      So in other words, if I have data from November and December for each account, I'd like to first calculate the average(2-0) for each month at the account level of detail.  Then I'd like to take the average for November and December to get something like November: 4.5, December: 5.6.  This differs from just taking the overall average for November and December since some accounts may have more observations which I wish to normalize by treating each account as one observation before averaging across accounts.


      How do I do this in Tableau 7.0?  It is so basic that I can't imagine there *not* being a way to handle this.  Thanks!