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    OLAP measure groups

    Ertan ERISIK



      I am doing a PoC and accessing Ms Analysis Services as a source system. The OLAP cubes has been designed in a way that the measures are grouped under a measure group and it is possible to see them in this way in Excel Pivot. But, when I try to explore the cube in Tableau, I am not able to see grouped measures but none of the measures are under its group and there is no measure groups seen.


      Any method or workaround to resolve this issue?


      Any help will highly be appreciated.


      Best Regards

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ertan,


          There is no current way to keep measure groupings.  Even though you have defined it as a group within the cube, this does not translate into a group within Tableau.  In fact, measures will always be listed individually when connecting to a cube or relational data source. This might be a good one for the Ideas section!