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    Analysis Services Tabular Model, Dates and Top n Filters

    Chris Locke

      I understand the the new MS tabular model is not officially supported yet.  It mostly works.  I am having two issue that I would like to bring up.



      I have a date dimension in the model.  I have created hierarchies in MSAS - YM, YMD, etc.  I have also left the raw date field exposed so it can be accessed in Tableau.  Using the hierarchies I have created work as any normal dimension would, but the lowest level of the YMD dimension is not recognized as a date.  I can grab the raw date field and flag its type as date in tableau.  This allows me to use the date filters and functions, kind of.  This date field does not play well with my pre-created hierarchies.  Also, if I add the raw date dimension to a row or column, it does not automatically create hierarchies like the tool does if you connect to a raw data source.  I guess want the best of both worlds - to use the cube for its dimensions and measure, but use tableau's date functionality, which blows AS away.


      Top N:

      when using a top n filter in on a MS AS Tabular model, it just doesn't work.  I can't even figure out what its doing, but its not right.


      If anyone has any thoughts that would be great.