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    How do I show recurring charges?

    Fakhzan Firdaus Bin Abdullah

      Hi there,


      I need to do a recurring charges calculation based on an investment data.


      Say I have data that shows the breakdown of my investment between month 1 and month 180 (15 years). I need to calculate as below:


      First i'll set up a parameter to show how much I will invest per month, then I need to show,


      1. The charges I incur if every 12 months i am charged 1.5% off my total investment.


      2. Another recurring charge that deducts 2.5% off my accumulated investment every 5 years. Which means that between month 1 and 60, I am charged 2.5% from the accumulated investment, then it is reset. i am then charged again 2.5% on the accumulated amount between month 61 to month 120.


      Anybody can guide me on this?