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    multi select filter

    Rich Chen



      I have a workbook with a variety of permutations of strings (ABCD, ABDC, ACBD.. .etc), where each permutation corresponds to a particular combination of data, which is represented in a single row.


      i.e. ABCD -> savings of 18% thru vendor Test1

           ABDC-> savings of 25% thru vendor Test2




      What I need to do is create a filter such that the user can exclude different permutations based on a selection of one of the letters in the string.  For example, if the user selects "A", then I need to exclude all permutations that contain the letter "A".  This part I can handle by filtering on a condition thru a parameter I create, however I can only select one letter at a time, due to the single select nature of the parameter.


      IIF(CONTAINS([MyPermutation],[UserSelectionParameter]),FALSE,TRUE ) ----> IIF(CONTAINS("ABCD","A"),FALSE,TRUE )


      The complexity comes in where the user really wants to be able to exclude A and B, or A,B, and C and then exclude all permutations that include whatever they've selected, kind of like a multi-select contains statement?


      IIF(CONTAINS("ABCD","A or B or C "),FALSE,TRUE )


      Is there a way that I can do this in Tableau?


      Thanks for your help.