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    Trying to use a combination of a dimension's values as a filter.

    John Munoz

      Hi Everyone,


      I've mocked up a workbook, using the superstore sales data, to show what I'm trying to do. Basically, I want to combine a dimension's values to create custom filter values. For example, there are 4 distinct values of Customer Segment in the workbook. Say I want to create combinations of the values, so I don't just have:


      Consumer, Corporate, Home Office, Small Business


      I have


      Consumer/Small Business, Corporate/Home office, Consumer, Corporate, Home Office, Small Business.


      If I could get the parameter in the attached workbook to somehow pass its values back to a filter, I think this would work.


      Finally, I know I could just use multi select to select Consumer/Small Business and end up with the solution I'm looking for. But, in the data that I'm working with there are combinations of filter values that I need to discourage the user from grouping together. Putting the combinations at the top of the filter will help steer the user away from putting together bad groupings.


      Thank you!