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    How to lookup attributes (names) from a master data table?

    Fabian Binz-Scharf

      Hi experts,


      I am trying to lookup employee names from a master data table to be populated in a report that is driven off a transactional type table. The latter has the following structure:


      Table 1 (Tickets):

      Ticket ID | Creator ID | Assigned to ID

      1001 | 1 | 2


      The master data table has the below structure


      Table 2 (Resource)

      Resource ID | Name

      1 | James

      2 | Olivia


      I defined two left joins table1.assigned_id =  table2.resource_id, and table1.creator_id = table2.resource_id. In the report I would like to display the below (ticket ID, name creator, name assigned to), but I'm stuck.


      Ticket ID | Resource.Name (Creator) | Resource.Name (Assigend to)

      1001 | James | Olivia


      I can display the IDs since they sit in table1, but can't replace the IDs with the names. This is a simple lookup, but I might miss something - and I need to mention that I'm new to Tableau.

      Thanks a lot,