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    hide formulas, still show fields

    John Hogan

      How can you protect your formulas from being seen by others in Tableau Desktop/Server. I would like users to be able to use the fields in the extracts or published data sources that have been calculated by formulas but not the formulas themselves.  I like the friendliness of the tableau formulas but want to protect the more sophisticated ones being copied by authorized users and potentially removed from authorized installations.

      Many thanks for your help.

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          Mark Holtz

          Good question John.

          I'm not aware of any way to impose locking or security with Tableau workbooks for Desktop.

          Through Tableau 7, I don't believe Server users can access the underlying formulas--they can only see and (if you have set the user license as Interactor) interact with the controls you provide on sheets and dashboards.

          If your users have access to Tableau desktop, the only way I know to provide data without showing how is to do it on the database side (create a SQL table that organizes the data and serves up all fields needed, then pull down that source as a single table pull).

          I'm interested to see if anyone else has any ideas.

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            John Hogan

            Hi Mark,


            That was the conclusion that I came up with too. I have since discovered the answer to this in that last few days.

            On Version 8, the edit feature on the Server allows you to play with all the fields like in the desktop but without seeing the formulas and also allowing you to connect to published data sources only. Very neat, and advertently or inadvertently provides an extra layer of security. It's very good too from a real self service BI point of view.


            many thanks, John.