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    Can Trusted Authentication be used for Single Sign on?

    Rob Villareal

      Is Tableau's trusted authentication meant to achieve single sign on or is it meant to just embed views in a portal?   By single sign on, I mean a user logs in to a non-Tableau custom portal, and there is a link to Tableau within that portal.  If they click that that link it should not make the user log on separately to Tableau.   Once they are in Tableau Server, they should be able to move around freely to different pages as if they logged in natively to Tableau.


      I ask this because I tested trusted authentication using a php script and have no problems embedding a single view into my php page.  If I link to a view from the php page, that works fine as well.  However, I can't "move around freely" from there.  If I click the home page logo for instance, it goes to the log in page with an error "Session timed out due to inactivity."  It has to be a view that I link to as well, I can't link directly to the home page without it taking me back to the log in screen. 


      It's as if Tableau doesn't create a session for the user when they arrive via trusted authentication.  I'm curious is this is an error only I'm getting (due to some configuration issue somewhere), or if trusted authentication just wasn't designed to set sessions and be this single sign on solution that I was expecting.