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    Apply filters

    Rodolfo Batista

      Hello Guys...


      Recently, i was in a project that involve the usage of 3 data source. Each data source has at least 7 graphics so at the end i have 21 graphics.


      What am trying to do is for example:


      - Create a Dashboard that includes 5 graphics but the data source are different. I have 2 graphics from data source #1, 2 graphics from data source #2, 1 graphic from data source # 3. I would like to apply the filters to all the graphics, so when i change the filter the changes affect all the graphics but what is happening is that the filters only applies to just 2 graphics and the other stay the same.


      I tried to find the solution online, within the help but no luck..


      best regards,



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          Mark Holtz

          Hello Rodolfo,


          As you are seeing, filters (even if they are set as Global filters) only apply to a single data source. This is a known headache for the Tableau team and I believe they are releasing something to help with it (on Dashboards, at least) in Tableau 8.


          For the time being, there are a couple work-arounds I have employed in the past is to create a parameter + one calculated field for each data source or use a Filter Action on a dashboard.  Provided that the dimension is the same on different the data sources, these can get you a partial solution. 


          Say I have ClientIDs, and ClientID ABC, DEF, and GHI are my dimension values on each source, and I want to be able to filter by the ClientID on a dashboard for all my views at once, even across sources. I would create a single parameter (which applies to the entire workbook) with those 3 string values and call it ClientParam. On each source, I would create a "ClientID Filter" field as:
          IF [ClientParam] = [ClientID] THEN 'Show' ELSE 'Hide' END


          Then, I can drag that field onto my filter shelf and make it global. That takes care of 1 source. Then, create an identical field on the other sources and apply them as global filters.  Finally, on the dashboard, expose the parameter and your user can now filter all 3 views simultaneously.  The downside to this approach is that parameters can only be employed as a single-select drop down list. You could create a 4th option as  "All" in the parameter and then update your filter fields to be IF ClientParam='All' THEN 'Show' ELSEIF [ClientParam] = [ClientID] THEN 'Show' ELSE 'Hide' END.


          Another work-around is to use Actions on the dashboard to filter.  These can be made to apply across sources. One solution might be to create a "list" view from one of the sources that contains all options you want users to be able to select. (If Client ABC and GHI are the only clients in one of my sources, I wouldn't want to use that source to create this view.)


          Then, you can expose that view on your dashboard and create a Filter Action that filters the other views based on the selection.  Downside--this will only work on a single dashboard tab--it won't carry over to others...


          If you need clarification, please post a packaged workbook and I'd be happy to help you through an example.

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            Rodolfo Batista

            Hello Mark,


            Thank you very much for your reply. I tried to follow your instructions but for some reason still does not apply the filters to the graphics the way i want. I going to send you a file  with the graphics i want to apply the filters.


            Some of the columns are in spanish but you will see the filters.


            ANNOMES = Año Mes ( which means YearMonth)

            ESTACION = STATION

            REGION = REGION.


            i really appreciate your help.





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              Rodolfo Batista

              I just found the solution. The parameter that i created was wrong.


              Thank you very much for your help Mark..


              Have a wonderful evening.





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                Rodolfo Batista

                Hello Mark,


                i just finished with my project but now i realize that when i use the parameters to filter the graphics on dashboard 1, the same filter applies to the other dashboards.. Is that Normal?...


                Im going to send you an example...


                Please use the filter of the first dashboard and you will see what happens with the others..