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    embed tableau when end user has no access to tableau server.

    michael wilkes

      Can I embed tableau into a web page when the web server is connected to the TS, but the end user is not?


      This is how far I have gotten:

      I have taken the "share" script generated from tableau and embedded it into a web page.  That is very easy, and works beautifully if my browser can reach both the web server and TS, but that is a conflict with our production network setup.  In production we have a web server (IIS) with two network cards. one network card is on the public lan, the other is on a backend cluster lan.  This cluster has no internet access, and no other lan access.  This cluster just listens to a specialized data feed and does a bunch of number crunching.  Tableau server is installed on a machine in this cluster.  Therefore, the end user's browser has access to the web server, but not to the tableau server. So, i am guessing i need to forward all the tableau access and interface commands through the web server to the tableau server? Would you call this a proxy?  It sounds more like very custom frameset embedding code, and custom http handlers.


      I am open to suggestions, perhaps even moving TS from one of the cluster machines, and just installing it on the web server along side IIS.  One goal is to have the user's browser connect to only one ip. Some browsers will give errors when connected to https, and then attempt to make cross domain connections to other machines.  Chrome, for example, says "this page has insecure content" and wont load the frameset.