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    Combine text data view with bar view as single report/view

    Donna Coles

      I have data on a horizontal bar view that displays sales by category.  The customer is the level of detail so the bars are represented as a series of circles.  I want to show on the same view the value of the total sales for each category and the category total as a % of the total sales. 


      I can easily show these on separate views as in the attached example, but would really like to see the info on one view so when placed on a dashboard the information displays consistently regardless as to what filters/excludes etc get applied.


      I have indicated via an image mock up included in the example what I'm aiming for, but happy for solutions that if need be just involve labels etc.  I was struggling to show 2 labels at the same point, and to be summarised at a total rather than per customer.  I was also finding that adding reference lines for the total would mean the axis increased too much as the reference point would be for a value much larger than the largest individual point for a customer.