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    Hiding workbooks on the Server

    Zachary Cooper

      I'm looking for a way to hide particular workbooks from users on the tableau server while still allowing them access through url links. I have a number of workbooks that are linked by urls. The idea is to guide different user groups into their particular workbook (just show one) while still allowing them to click through and see different workbooks and display data.

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          Gavriel  Bernstein

          i have the same situation...anyone??? it is possible?

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            Russell Christopher

            Hey Gavriel -


            Can you explain your use case a little bit more? What is your ultimate goal?

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              Gavriel  Bernstein


              i have 1 workbook with 2 sheets. when i publish it to the server the end user will see the 2 views in the workbook. my goal is to let  the user to be able to see only 1 view when he enterd to the workbook at the server but still have the permmission to see the 2 view when he click on a url filter from the 1 view. do you understand me?

              i need option in the server to hide views in the server as admin user.

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                Russell Christopher

                OK. There are two ways to hide views:


                Security - Prevent the user from utilizing a worksheet in a workbook. This won't work for you, obviously.


                Show/Hide Worksheet in Desktop - Tell the workbook that a specific sheet or sheets should be hidden from the user


                The second mechanism would hide the sheet from the "Views" list, but it would also hide the sheet inside the workbook itself once it has been rendered - in other words, no "Tab" that you could click on to view it after guiding the user to the workbook.


                Let's drill down on this part of what you said:


                but still have the permmission to see the 2 view when he click on a url filter from the 1 view.


                Is this your scenario?


                1. User lands in "View 1". He/She doesn't see that "View 2" even exists.
                2. User clicks on something in "View 1" and is transferred to "View 2"


                Can you explain why you want this functionality? Based on your end goal (for example "reduce confusion"), there may be a completely different approach that you haven't considered, as well.

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                  Gavriel  Bernstein

                  yes, this is my scenario. and the resone is to reduce confusion as you said.

                  what is your recommended approch?

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                    Russell Christopher

                    Hi Gavriel -


                    I spent some time this afternoon trying to come up with something close to what you're looking for...and failed


                    The main problem is that if a worksheet is hidden, then there is no way to access it directly via a URL which opens it up. This makes sense, of course -- why allow someone to get at content which is hidden, after all.


                    In your case, this is bad news. If you hide your worksheet so that its thumbnail does not appear in Tableau Server, then you'll only be able to view that worksheet if it is part of a dashboard.



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                      Paramesh Sangangiri

                      Hope my idea might help you to some extent Gavriel.


                      I have created 4 sheets, 2 sheets containing my requirement and another sheets containing simple arrow marks. I have created two dashboards, 1st dashboard with sheet 1 and sheet 2 and 2nd dashboard with sheet 3 & sheet 4. Later I have defined a Filter action in the 1st dashboard on sheet 2 as such selecting the arrow mark displays the content of sheet 3 in dashboard 2.


                      Later In dashboard 2 on sheet 4 I have defined another Action Filter on selecting which takes you back to the sheet 1 in the dashboard 1. Thus you can represent your data in 2 sheets and upon selection of different arrow marks user is guided to different sheets in different dashboard.


                      You can later hide all the sheets and publish the same to the server where user can only view 1st dashboard showing the 2nd dashboard as tab and data of another sheet is only showed upon clicking the arrow marks.


                      This scenario is little different but hope this might solve your issue of avoiding confusion.


                      Please find the attached workbook reproducing the same.




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                        Santhosh Thadakamalla

                        Zachary Cooper /Gavriel  Bernstein


                        i have same requirement, did you guys get any solution for this issue? Please let me know. Thank you!

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                          Sriram Natesan

                          You can try using the Tableau JS API to embed the sheets and deploy it any app server. You have option to control and hide sheets from the view.


                          Once you deploy the it in the app server. The link (that u get when u access it from app server) can again be embedded in the tableau dashboard using the web-link option. This should do the work.


                          Tableau worksheet --> Embed in AppServer using Tableau API --> App link to the Tableau again

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                            Matz Rasmus

                            I have the same problem. Our problem is that we want to publish row level data that is accessed via a dashboard build by aggregated data, and we want the user to access the row level data only via the dashboard. We rely on row level security (ie all users are not allowed to see all rows, but we would like to keep the row level security out  of the row level data). We can do this by filtering the call to row level data, but a nifty user can still see the report for row level data and add the necessary filter parameters in the URL and see any data that he should not be able to see.


                            Is there a way around this, other that integrating the row level data as part of a dahsboard (not a separate view/dashboard)? We would like to be able to reuse the rowlevel data from multiple dahsboards, so including this viz in the dashboard is a less than optimal solution

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                              Andrew Watson

                              What if you publish the data source with row level filtering applied as a data source filter, then connect your dashboards to that data source? I'm assuming you're using a data extract.

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                                Matz Rasmus

                                That is a way around it. Because of the way our data is structured, adding row level security to the row level data as well will create quite a decrease in performance, and that is why I would rather not do it. So that is why I am asking for other options.

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                                  Russell Christopher

                                  Hey Matt -


                                  Suggest you start a new thread on this rather than jumping on the old one - which is sort of similar, but not really. Forces folks to read a lot of stuff that really isn't germane to YOUR problem.

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                                    ravindra babu

                                    Hi sriram,


                                    We want automation in tableau workbook and data source.

                                    Data Source :

                                    If data source is NEW

                                    Then publish on that respective folder in server.

                                    If data source is embedded

                                    Then Check what modification we want if yes replace, if not leave there only.


                                    Workbook :

                                    All the workbooks of the dashboard should be hidden.

                                    If it is new workbook need to publish in respective folder.

                                    If it is modified then replace the workbook.


                                    i think we need to write any tableau JS API for this. can you suggest any sample  JS for this