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    Cannot blend aggregated data error

    Joseph Lalonde

      I am trying to join two tables in Tableau 7.0, but regardless of what I do in 'Edit Relationships' the link does not seem to want to work.


      The two tables earch have cma_num in common and ultimately I would like to filter the 'First 150 lines' table by a dimension in the tbl_cbp_province_guide table.


      So in order to do that I need to link by cma_num. Clicking on Data -> Edit Relationships shows me that it automatically links by cma_num. However, closing that window, you don't see the linking chain on cma_num. Furthermore, trying to do something as if they are linked generates the following error:


      Cannot blend aggregated data from the secondary data source with the data on this sheet because there are no linking fields used in the view.




      Running throught the steps in the online help documentation still does nothing. (Example Data -> Edit Relationships -> Custom ->Add etc) In other words, I follow those steps but clicking on OK when finished there still is no link.


      Here is the link to the document. It's not much of a viz at this point, but you can at least take a look at the document and sample data.