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    Is there a way to show only the first line of a table (when the first line may change depending on which filters are chosen)

    Sarah A

      I have a dashboard that shows the total counts of users who have opted in or out of receiving different newsletters.  In order to create the tables I need, I used several table calculations, with the end result that every user in the table has the final numbers attached with their name.  However, I only want to show the FIRST line (so I can hide the name and for the end user it will appear to be showing the grand total).


      In the dashboard below ( on the tab Opt Dashboard) the name "Blossom Cata" is the first name in the default table.  In Table 2, I hid all the remaining names, which is how I would like it to look.  However, this doesn't work because  when I set the filter to rating = 2 Norbert actually becomes the first name in the list, and if I had hidden him previously the table appears blank.


      Is there anyway to show only the first name in a table regardless of what filters are chosen?