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    bar chart burnout

    Emily Kund

      I know bar charts are great...but when I'm looking at a paper (37 pages long) that has 45 charts and 33 of them are bars that all look the same, I'm getting bar chart burnout.  I know Show Me is great at determining what is the most appropriate chart for the data for an individual chart, but what is best when it comes to an overall work product? I am recommending that the analyst layer some color, change some to lines (since they are time series), etc. but what else to do?


      I envision that this paper will probably grow a bit and we need to have it available in print & online (which allows for interactivity).


      Thanks for the help!

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Emily,


          It depends on the data. Does any of the data have geographic information?--Maybe a map view would be useful. Or are two different measures being compared--perhaps a scatter plot? Maybe you're trying to see which product has negative values quickly--a heat map could be a good option.


          These are a couple of ideas, hope they help!



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