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    Tableau Server hardware

    Thomas Bergonzini



      We are in the process of upgrading the machine we use for Tableau Server.

      We currently have a server with 1 CPU  with 4 cores and 12GB of RAM.


      We are using Tableau Extracts more and more and the number of users increases as well (about 30 named users right now).


      By looking at the possible configurations for our budget, there are several options:

      -1 server with 2 CPU with 6 cores each and 24GB RAM

      -2 servers with 1 CPU with 4 cores each and 16GB RAM


      I read in several places that it would be a good idea to separate the process responsible for the Background Tasks from the rest of the Tableau processes. At the same time, having 2 servers means that requests to the Background Task are going to go through the network, which could slow things down.


      Anybody with the same kind of experience could share his thoughts on this ?


      Thank you


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          Tamas Foldi

          Two servers are always better than one, as you can build a fault tolerant and/or highly available system. My bet would be to go with the two servers and place the same services redundant on both boxes. If your servers are in the same switch (1GE or 10GE) then latency/network speed couldn't be an issue.

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            Ben Sullins



            I would go w/ your second option and up the ram to 32GB. The rule of thumb on this is 4GB per core and 1 VizQL per core. Also, if you're leveraging extracts heavily I would recommend some sort of SSD storage for the boxes so that you can make sure disk I/O is not a bottleneck.


            Good luck!


            2 servers with 1 CPU with 4 cores each and 32GB RAM and 500GB+ of SSD

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              Thomas Bergonzini

              Thanks for your answer !


              Can i ask what kind of user base (in terms of concurrent users with some relatively complex dashboards) you could handle with this kind of machine ?


              Thanks !

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                Ben Sullins

                From what I've seen that depends a lot on how well the dashboards were designed however I usually start with 25 concurrent users per 1 VizQL. For this example, assuming you were licensed properly, I estimate you could get a around 150 concurrent users on your cluster.

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                  Parth Shah



                  We are in process of getting hardware for installing 8.1 server. I have Dual 8 core box with 64G of RAM. 500G of fast SAN storage. I will be looking at about 1000 users phased in over a period of 2 years. I have an option to double the RAM.


                  Also like to put Dev and Prod on the same box unpartitioned (Have to check with licensing on it). Just like to get a big box now to avoid asking for more money later and also have kick *** response time to get the great adoption.


                  What are your thoughts?


                  Thanks in advance.