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    tabcmd doubling rows in csv export

    . Matthew

      This is a bit weird.  I have just published a chart to server and when I export a csv version of it via the web interface it produces correct results but when I do the same via tabcmd it is wrong - doubling the number of rows.


      I have attached a superstore twbx which will the cause this issue for me and also the 2 different versions of the csv files.  The one with 17 rows is correct the other with 34 is not.  Granted, there are 2 measures in the chart but I don't believe it should do this.


      I am using the latest versions of both desktop and server - 7.0.10


      The tabcmd command looks like this: tabcmd export "Test/Sheet1" --csv -f "export_test"


      Could someone else have a go and see if they get the same thing happen and let me know?



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          . Matthew

          I now  have a work around to the problem and can produce an accurate csv file with 2 measures in it by using a bullet chart as the source of the export.  Don't ask me why it works, but it does.


          Another issue I have come across though is a difference in the character set used in the csv file when exporting via tabcmd as opposed to the normal server web interface.  Users are accessing the csv files with excel and this interprets the character set of the csv file as Windows ANSI. This works fine for the web based export but produces weird and wonderful currency symbols (it effects euro & pound symbols but not dollar) using the tabcmd export.  It seems that it can be made to work but you need to invoke the import wizard in excel and pick up a UTF-8 character set.


          It would be great to have these csv exports being handled in a consistent manner as users are largely unwilling or incapable of jumping through these hoops.


          If anyone has an idea how I might fix this I would be very pleased to hear from them.

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