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    How do I chart data from 2 or more tables using the same date?

    Jeff McDonald

      I have 3 CSV files joined by a unique id. One csv, "Properties" has information about properties (real estate). Another csv, "changes" has change information regarding each property from Properties. The final csv, "Appointments" has Realtor showing appointments for each property in Properties.


      What I want to do is have a report with each property as the main column, then I'd like to see the count of appointments for each property by month with each month being a column header. That part I can do easily. What I also want to do is have another detail row under the count of appointments showing the average price, which comes from the changes table, for that month. Currently I can get that line of detail, but it I can only get it to show me the average price for all dates, not just the month.


      How do I tell Tableau to recalculate changes.date based on properties.date?


      I'm using Tableau Public if that helps.