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    How do I fix "ambiguous" city locations even after importing custom geocoding for all of them?

    Brian Smith

      I have a data set of roughly 1000 customers, in about 800 cities. When I first tried to plot a map of the customers, I had a hit rate of only about 50%; the other cities were listed as not found, even though some of them are quite large. The Tableau Doctor at the Customer Conference walked me through how to import custom geocoding files, so yesterday I downloaded the latitude and longitude locations for all of my cities, saved them as a .csv in the prescribed format (Country/State/City/Latitude/Longitude), and uploaded the file into Tableau.


      As far as I can tell, the upload was successful. However, I am still missing 357 locations (a slight improvement), and all of the misses are described as "Ambiguous." I have the location set up in the Dimensions Pane as a Country/State/CIty hierarchy, and when I move up and down through the hierarchy the map updates properly, with no missing data at the country or the state level -- just the 357 misses when displayed at the city level.


      Any thoughts about what I might be doing wrong? Screenshots attached; thanks in advance.


      -- Brian