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    Create a Calculated Field and subsequent column for the difference between two groups of data

    jacob perler

      I am modeling some survey data and I grouped the respondents into two groups.  Essentially, if 40 people took the survey there are 2 groups which aggregate the results of 20 people for each group.  Their answer choices range from 1-4 for every question, and so I set up my data table as the column being each respondent (2 columns appear since the 40 respondents are in 2 groups), and my rows are the questions they answered.  The output is a table with the average response in text format of the 2 groups for each question. 


      I would like to create a third column which is a "gap analysis," so essentially it is the difference between groups 1 and 2.  I've been looking into creating a calculated field but am having some trouble since I don't see the groups as an option to calculate in a formula. 


      Does anyone have any idea how to create a simple gap column to be the difference between the two current columns?