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    Hidden measure names appear online

    Ayush Baheti

      Problem 1:


      There is no way to show a selective Measure Names filter. If there is, I'm all ears. I mean that if I've 20 values, I want to show only 5 to my clients, there is no way to do that.


      Temporary solution:


      I selected the measure values, that I didn't want to show and hid them. Now, in the filter field - I can only see the un-hidden Measure Names.


      Problem 2:


      Now, when I upload this file on Tableau public, it automatically changes the view and shows all the values in the "Measure Names" filter again. Any way to get pass this?


      @Tableau - Please give the option of selective filtering of content i.e. a permanent solution to problem 1. I saw at least 3-4 threads mentioning it and no good way to solve the issue.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ayush, I don't use Public so I don't know if this will work, but try changing the measures you don't want to show to dimensions. This should take them off your Measure Name list. Then when you need them you can change them back.


          Also, the un-hiding of hidden fields when publishing to Public doesn't sound like expected behavior to me, but again I don't know public. You might want to talk to support.



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            Ayush Baheti

            For a separate data source, I have 2 type of measures, I need 1 type each in 2 separate graphs. So, putting them into dimensions may not be the best of options. Since I need to have global filter operating on them, I need to have only 1 connection.


            Any other way to reduce filter the contents of the filter?