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    Creating a set of data from multiple joined dimensions

    Chris Payne


      I have requirement to a create set or combination of data from dimensions that are linked by an identifier.


      I have a vehicle fact table which contains details of a specific vehicle, the structure is shown below:


      Vehicle A, Engine  Desc, Transmission, Order Date

      Vehicle B, Engine Desc, Transmission, Order Date


      I then have a vehicle options table, with the following structure:


      Vehicle A, Paint, Green

      Vehicle A, Wheel, Alloy

      Vehicle B, Paint, Blue

      Vehicle B, Wheel, Steel



      What I would like to do is create a Set of Paint and Wheel, so I can determine the number of vehicles that contain combinations of these two .  At the moment, I am getting a Null in either of these two fields.


      Can anyone help me with this?