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    Dashboard/ Numeric range filter / Show same labels on next sheet

    Ey Tan

      Hello Tableauians,


      Would like to seek help regarding below:


      In the dashboard we have two sheets:

      1. Donut sales for flavor categories (chocolate, strawberry, nuts etc)
      2. Sales breakdown by variants within each category (dark chocolate, white chocolate, almond, walnut.. you get it…)


      (this is only an analogy, for reasons unspecified we are keeping these sheets separate )


      Our desired outcome:

      1. Filter specific range of values on sheet #1
      2. For those flavor category with sales in the filtered range above, we want sheet #2 to automatically show these qualified categories.


      Is there a “show same as” function in Tableau to do this?


      Refering to the attached file, global filtering did not work out because:

      E.g if we are looking at $3000 or above  in sheet #1, sheet #2 becomes empty because sales of those variants are <$3000. We want sheet #2 to show the same labels as sheet #1 after the filter.



      Thank a ton in advance!!


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