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    Drag-able columns or dynamically adding columns


      Hi everyone,


      I'm not sure if there's a way to do this, but ideally, I'd like to setup a dashboard that is a fairly simple pivot with dates in the rows.  Then I want to have buttons (or something button like) in a dashboard that allows the user to add a single extra dimension at a time.  Something like this:


      Basic layout:

      Date, measure 1, measure 2, ..., measure X


      Then you can select between dimension 1, dimension 2, dimension 3( or more ) different dimensions and get that dimension in your report.


      dynamic layout: (assuming dimension 1 was clicked)

      Date, Dimension 1, measure 1, measure 2,....


      What's the best way to accomplish this?





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          Catherine Rivier

          Hi Joe,

          I'm guessing this is going to be one of those that has multiple solutions, but here's mine.  Hopefully the number of possible Dimensions you want to see (or want to allow your users to see) is limited.


          What I did was create a parameter (Dimension Selection 1) with all possible Dimension names I wanted them to be able to choose, and a (NONE).  Then I created a calculated field (Dimension 1) tying a dimension to each parameter option.  It is:

          if [Dimension Selection 1]="Customer" THEN [Customer]

          elseif [Dimension Selection 1]="Container" THEN [Container]

          elseif [Dimension Selection 1]="Customer Segment" THEN [Customer Segment]

          elseif [Dimension Selection 1]="Order Priority" THEN [Order Priority]

          elseif [Dimension Selection 1]="Region" THEN [Region]

          ELSE ''



          Then I pulled this Dimension into the rows, and showed the parameter control.


          Then I duplicated this exact process twice (and of course more the more dimensions you want to allow them to see).  All of these dimensions are displayed in the Rows, and you can select as many as you want.


          Of course, potential issues occur with this.  Selecting (NONE) will leave a blank space rather than removing the dimension entirely, you can repeat dimensions, etc.  But this is one possible solution, hope it helps!


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            Bob Nims

            Hi Catherine...I have used your solution and it works very well.  I was wondering if there is a way to still show the field labels and have them dynamically change as well.  For example on Dimension 1 when I select Region I would like the the label to show up as Region rather than Dimension 1 or simply being blank.