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    Viz Assist Forum for User Group?

    Michael Mixon

      It was great to finally make it to one of the user group meetings.  A lot of the conversation centered around technical aspects of the product, specifically data connections and speed, both of which are clearly important.  But I was wondering whether the group would be interested in some collaborative viz sessions, whereby people bring ideas or real-world viz challenges (i.e. things they want to be able to do at work or for a client) to the group and we see what vizzes we can come up with.  I suspect we have all used Tableau in different ways, and so we're all bound to learn something new.


      I don't know if my suggestion has already come up or been done, but I think it could be helpful.



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          Marc Alexander

          That's a great idea.  I think it could create an interesting conversation, but need to have some boundaries to keep it from spiraling out of control.  Maybe put a viz up and highlight 4 different realms of conversation (bullet points), then allow X minutes of discussion per bullet point.  That way we don't get too bogged down on one element.


          Just thinking "out loud"...but I do like your idea.

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            Michael Mixon

            Yes, anything too open-ended might spiral out of control.  Time permitting, it might be cool to have a business problem/question posed, and then have people work on their own viz for a period of time (5 mins, say) and then discuss the different solutions as a group.  But deconstructing/analyzing an existing viz would also be very educational.

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              Matt Shoemaker

              Hey Michael and Marc,


                I think it's a great idea.  Do you have a data set in mind that you'd like to work with?  You could explain the data set to the group and we could work on it collaboratively to see what we can come up with?  I could even see this as a virtual meeting where we can hand over control of the desktop to work on a single workbook.


                Let me know your ideas for how you envision this exercise and we'll make it happen.