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    Tetris Chart

    Michael Mixon

      I recently created what I dub a "tetris" chart, whereby I am able to view performance against a particular measure (e.g. profit) at both an aggregate and a more granular view, all within a fairly compact chart.  It's basically just a stacked bar chart but with each of the sections of an equal size, so that the smaller slices avoid being obscured by the larger slices.  The benefit of this, for me, is that I can still see which sections performed the best (via the color gradient) but I can click on any section and, via highlighting, see how that same section did across the other rows.


      I suspect there are other/better ways to achieve this, but I thought I'd put it out there for the group to review.  Feedback would be welcome.



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          Richard Leeke

          Interesting representation.


          Personally I found it a bit hard to get a feel for the data because the timescale isn't very evident until you hover or click on a box. I found that putting it on a dashboard with a Year-Qtr selector sheet to highlight a particular quarter helped that. All depends on the analysis you are doing and how well you know your data, I'm sure.


          One interesting thing is that the highlight action doesn't work in the version 8 beta. I initially opened the workbook in v8 and wondered what you meant. I'll report a bug to the beta team.

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            Michael Mixon

            Hi Richard,


            That is a good suggestion for helping users identify the quarter they want to see vs. just selecting a particular box (say the worst quarter for Appliances) and seeing how the other categories performed during that same period.  Thanks!