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    How does one use Multiple measures in the same bar graph across one specific time period as a Waterfall Chart ?

    Balakrishnan Raghavan


      I need to create a Waterfall chart across a few measures for a specific dimension and a specific time Period.

      I have tried

      1) Creating a running sum total

      2) Adding the (-ve)Sum as the Size of the measure.

      3) Converting to Gantt chart.

      All these work fine for a Single measure across values of a dimension. But I am not able to find a solution where one can plot different Measures across a specific Dimension value as a filter.

      The changing of table calculation to running sum, and then trying the difference from option across a row above gives me an error.

      Is this scenario catered for in tableau? ( Multiple measure waterfall chart Measure1,Measure2,Measure3 across a specific dimension) .

      I have also seen a related post but it doesn';t give me the requisite solution (http://community.tableau.com/thread/118760)

      Thanks in advance.