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    Grand Total Ignores Table Calc Filter

    Jonathan Drummey

      When I filter out columns using a table calculation, then turn on Grand Totals, the filtered out columns come back with no data appearing except for the Grand Total rows. I'm hoping there's some workaround or solution for this besides having to use one of the various Grand Total workarounds, it's definitely unexpected behavior to me, I'd think of this as a bug.


      Here's how this came about: I have a lot of irregularly-arriving metrics, so to make sure I'm looking at the latest data I typically set up a view with two filters, one on the Date that grabs all rows within some arbitrary number of months (usually 3-5) to keep the number of rows returned as small as possible, and then a table calc filter that's usually LAST()==0 and set to True with a Compute Using set to the Date, so I get the last set of data. I've set this up in the attached workbook, and you can see how the filters work as desired, and then when I turn on Grand Totals suddenly the filtered out columns appear again.


      I found one workaround, which is to move the Order Date from Columns to Rows and then uncheck Show Header. This keeps the Grand Total computation working, however we lose the month header and I don't know any way to get that back other than to have a separate worksheet on a dashboard.


      Anyone out there have any ideas?



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