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    User parameters lost when refreshing page



      we're currently using Tableau for displaying embedded charts on a website for customers.


      All of our charts have parameters that can be changed by the user (dropdowns, checkboxes, etc). Some of our charts display data that's updated continuously (might be new data available every minute). As Tableau doesn't have any way of loading contents in a chart automatically(?), our only option is to reload the page displaying the chart. However, this causes all the parameter changes a user has done to be reset. Does anyone else have this problem, or even better: a solution?


      Thank you for your time!

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          Joshua Milligan

          When you embed the embed the view, are you allowing the internal toolbar to display?  It should display by default, but can be hidden using parameters in the embed URL.


          The refresh button on the toolbar should allow your users to refresh the view without losing filters and actions.


          If your data is updating that frequently, I assume you are using live connections instead of extracts.  The refresh button will not cause extracts to be regenerated.


          Hope this helps!