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    monthly and quarterly aggregation

    andrey uvarov

      I need to aggregate the data by month and then by quarter. How can I do this on one sheet using only the measurement date? I do not want to create a calculated field for each month and quarter.


      I want this representation:


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          Dean Hewitt


          Tableau provides the ability to have Sub-Totals.  In this example the sub-totals are at the quarter level and after each quarter.  In order to have the quarter totals as a seperate block after the monthly totals, you need to create to worksheets.  They are identical except one has the date down to month and the other has it down to quarter.  Then create a dashboard and place the quarter worksheet after the month worksheet.  You will need to hide header for the quarter on the month worksheet so the rows line up.  And hide the row labels on quarters.  See attached workbook. 




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            andrey uvarov

            Dean, thank you. I know this technique. But it is not perfect, because, when too many number of rows in a worksheet I use scrolling. When I scroll the first sheet o ndashboard, the second does not scroll... Can Tableau synchronize scrolling of two sheets on dashboards?

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              Tracy Rodgers

              Hi Andrey,


              Currently, no, it is not possible to synchronize scrolling on two sheets on a dashboard. One option may be to use a parameter and calculated field that switches between month and quarter.